Friday, November 18, 2011

Gloria Arroyo's Arrest|Government Scapegoating?

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The Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima still standing firmly despite the threat of being cited for indirect contempt by the highest court of the country- Philippine Supreme Court which could possibly result to a filing of a disbarment case after defying the highest court issuance of TRO Temporary Restraining Order with respect to Former President Gloria Arroyo’s appeal for allowing to travel abroad seeking medical remedy. The said TRO is issued by the Supreme Court citing the fact that there are no pending cases filed against the former president, except for his husband Atty. Mike Arroyo.

Two days after that dramatic incident in NIA, Friday, November 18, 2011 Senior Superintendent Joel Colonel served a warrant of arrest to Gloria Arroyo after the Commission on Election COMELEC filed a case “Electoral Sabotage” against the defiant Former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The arrest warrant was also served to Former Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. and Former COMELEC election supervisor Lintang Bedol. The two people are thought to have direct participation of the same crime. With the hope of blocking the arrest, the former first family camp filed a motion arguing that the Regional Court has no jurisdiction over the case, citing the Sandiganbayan as the sole body who has it.

In this connection, the reason of the SC to issue TRO is no longer applicable? Since, the issuance of the TRO was based on the facts before the electoral sabotage case was filed on court. The former first family was granted a TRO because of the absence of case on court against them.

Now, my concern is the future of the case filed against Gloria and the other two perpetrators. Is this case strong enough? Well, I know that Electoral Sabotage is non-bailable and is punishable by reclusion perpetua. But, is this case filed just to bar Gloria from escaping? Or, it is just an escape-goat for the government to cover up its fault by defying the Supreme Court’s order?

I believe it is not a mere destiny or coincidence that after Gloria was barred from traveling, and then a case shall be filed just to keep her inside the country.  Granting without admitting that Gloria is guilty of the crime of electoral sabotage, isn’t it that the government also is guilty of Constitutional Sabotage by defying the highest court order? Is the son bound to destroy what the mother instituted – the spirit of democracy? Or this action is bound to defend it?

On the other hand, it has been reported long before Gloria stepped down from the office of the presidency that she had appointed a sufficient number of highest court magistrates including the SC chief justice. I didn’t wonder then that she has given TRO. It was no surprising at all when all of her appointed judges in the highest court favored issuing the TRO.

As the fight against the corrupt is going hot and intense---the image of truth has become vaguer and the fight seems no ending. Knowing history, this will end up to the common people suffering! Its bound to be true, that in "every power struggle, Truth is always the casualty."


Gil Camporazo said...

I'm not a legal luminary or expert. I'm just an ordinary citizen of the country. So I have to interpret it in layman's term. What comes first should be settled first, then follows the other issue at stake. I know for sure that every party has its own motive. You know how politics did to our country!

Matsumoto Chan said...

I wonder how much Juan dela Cruz can take,....the lies, the cover ups --- even the current government is full of oligarchy - we become spectators of a circus ^_^

Dave Josef said...

I believe it is not a mere destiny or coincidence that after Gloria was barred from traveling

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