Monday, June 20, 2011

The Controversy of Reproductive Health RH Bill: A Point of View

“The standpoint of an individual depends on where that individual sits”

As of this moment I believe that a number of citizens in our country knew that there is a Bill being pushed in the House of Representatives, the Reproductive Health or RH Bill. A number of Bills are also pushed by several lawmakers with almost the same substance and the same purpose.

To label the RH bill controversial is both an accurate assessment and an erroneous attribution.

Granting without permitting that it is controversial; I would say that it is a correct observation since when we say it’s controversial it could possibly divide the opinion and support of the majority of the citizens in our country; therefore it become problematic. It becomes a hot topic in debates in schools, our law makers and even among jobless mother in the neighborhood. On the other hand, it is an erroneous attribution because a controversy implies something scandalous, though I don’t think RH Bill is a scandalous or offensive in any aspect of it. I even believe that the Bill is rational and a family oriented Bill. A Bill that promotes responsible parenthood, who am I to support against it?

By observation every individual are either strongly supportive of the bill or strongly against the Bill. Few people are lukewarm about this issue, and it is sad that these are the ones whom are less informed about the issue. The two competing groups can be referred as the advocates or the (Pro) and the detractors (Anti).

I was planning to make it a thesis topic; therefore I had the opportunity of reading it thoroughly and I found out that there is nothing extreme or radical about it. For me the Bill is just a solution of the rapidly growing population and high unwanted pregnancies among our young adolescents and even married couples in our country. For some, especially the detractors this could lead into the legalization of abortion but there is no such provision in the Bill.

I’ve read a lot conversation over social network pages that some religious leaders became personal in handling the issues. As I have remembered one priest in Baguio discourage their fellow believers to attend ceremonial masses in their church if they simply support RH Bill. How sane he is in doing such action! For me the act is shameful for the Bill isn’t about religion.

I believe that it is beyond the concern of the priest to dictate what every citizen think and believe is right for themselves. His concern maybe should only be limited to telling the people what he believe is right or to persuade them, not to prohibit them to attend masses since his belief may not resemble that of God. By the way does he own the church to act as such? And what is the knowledge of these priests about responsible parenthood when they themselves are not parent at all? Well, except those priests who pretend holy but possesses children as a fruit from their unmanaged sexual urges (well they are humans sinful as they are).

If these priests are of that responsible as what they think they are, but why they can’t feed hungry and handicapped people hanging around their church (the beggars), sleeping on very cold cemented sidewalk of their churches, and yet they still want more children and let the population grow?

The RH Bill assures an environment where women and couples have the freedom of informed choice on the mode of family planning they want to adopt based on their needs, personal convictions and religious beliefs.

There are 11 Elements of RH Bill and family planning is only one element the other elements perceived to be of equal importance includes:

(1)   maternal, infant and child health and nutrition;
(2) promotion of breast feeding;
(3) prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications;
(4) adolescent and youth health;
(5) prevention and management of reproductive tract infections, HIV/AIDS and STDs;
(6) elimination of violence against women;
(7) counseling on sexuality and reproductive health;
(8) treatment of breast and reproductive tract cancers;
(9) male involvement and participation in RH;
(10) prevention and treatment of infertility; and
(11) RH education for the youth.

In this very reasons, that I urged every citizen to act now. Don’t let someone else decide for you because it is you that is responsible for yourself. Let your voice be heard!!!

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