Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goodbye!|You are Mine, Even though I Have to Regret It!

If "sorry" seems to be the hardest word according to Elton John, For Air Supply, "Goodbye" is the saddest.

Hearing Air Supply's "Goodbye" while waking up this morning makes me visit the past. Well, its okay to revisit the past as long as you will not bring an overnight bag :)

Looking back, in the 90's radio drama is still the most popular or the common medium of entertainment in our province. Obviously, you cannot find a television in my birthplace. Since there was no television yet during that time, radio seems to be the most valuable possessions the neighborhood should possessed. While everyone is in their respective farms preparing it for planting or while harvesting radio are always with them. Some farmers loves to listen songs, but majority loves to listen the drama series.

Well, I believe radio is a great stimulator for being creative and imaginative compared to television.

1990's---It was on that days that my eyes are being opened to romantic dramas as I was so addicted to Radio Drama and one of the most unforgettable drama I was addicted into is entitled "Ako Ka, Magbasol Man Ako" which I translated into the English Terms "You are Mine, Even though I Have to Regret It." Air Supply's "Goodbye" serves as the theme song of this drama.

The Characters:

Gerry---the guy who first met and fall in love with Gina.
Anton---the best friend of Gerry who fall in love with Gina.
Gina---the main character of the story.
Monique---Gerry's first girl-friend who became his mistress after marrying Gina.

Brief Summary:

Gerry and Gina met in an almost accident which involves them both. Gina was walking on the way to school when Gerry almost bump her with his car. Gina belongs to the middle class family, while Gerry is a son of a wealthy business man Don Augusto Mondragon. After meeting they fell in love and decided to get married. Before getting married, Gina was introduced to Anton, Gerry's best friend who will serve as their best man. From the moment of introduction Anton realized that he is falling in love with Gina. Despite the fact that he was falling in love with Gina he managed to keep it. Gerry and Gina's wedding is fast approaching while the bridal shower is scheduled a week before the big ceremony. 

During the bridal shower Gina got drunk, despite her friends suggestions not go home in her groggy condition she still went home. Along the way, he fell on the ground and sleeps there without knowing that something could happen in that moment that will make her life miserable ever. Few minutes past Gina woke up crying and feeling the pain in that part of her ---she was raped by whom---that she didn't know. In a distance behind the bushy part of the corner is the familiar guy whom he thought is a friend.

Gina thinking that Gerry's love is unwavering and pure, decided not to tell the incident that happened the night after the bridal shower. The wedding was successfully held at a five star hotel and everyone was so happy except Gina who is worried of her untold story. The visitors have gone home, and the new couple is left alone at Gerry's condo unit. The next morning, they are scheduled to fly to Italy for their honeymoon.

to be continued :)) so sleepy!


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