Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Philippine Educational System: On Crisis?

Photo Courtesy of:  Josh Weinstein

Being a Filipino, have you ever been so overwhelmed by problems that you felt as though you were drowning in a whirlpool? Just imagine how much suffering it could result if you made a mistake in coping with one or more of those problems! No one is born with the ability to solve all problems successfully, making good decisions every time. This is where education comes in. Where can you get education to prepare yourself to cope with life’s problems?

Many of us, both young and old, extol the importance of an academic education. Some experts believe and even say that “you will never be able to find a [decent] job without a college degree.”

On the other hand, the human capital theory states that the economic development of a nation is a function of the quality of its education. This could mean that the more and the better educated the citizen of the nation becomes, the greater the chances of economic development.

To label Philippines as “third world country” by experts, for me is no more acceptable at all. How come there is “third world” when there is no “second world”? I prefer categorizing states and nations into two: the developed and the underdeveloped. The developed of which country such as the United States, Great Britain and the like belongs for they are the countries that are more advance in terms of technology, educational system, stable political systems, high economic performance. I place the country such as the Philippines, and other Asian countries that have low performance in those indicators mentioned in the second category which is underdeveloped or more accurately “the developing nations”. 

Former President Arroyo said that we are on “take off” means our economy is like a plane who descend from the ground…going up…but, how long it would take us to get at the right level of heights before the pilot (President) would say, “you can now remove the seatbelt”? That would mean we are on the zenith where we can breathe naturally and confidently? But, the big question is are we really on take-off? Or, we are slowly on our land fall?

Education as I believe, propel development for without it the citizens remains ignorant, barred to explore new things, but how bad is the educational system in the Philippines being in a developing nation category? I always watched news on TV stating the lack of classrooms, chairs, potable water in public schools and I had experienced it myself. When I was in elementary, our classroom has no comfort room. There was no comfort room at all within the school vicinity, so when you have nature calling all you have to do is to go outside and hide in the bushes. Having no classroom is another problem of which I experienced when I was in secondary school. In our school three shifts of classes share the same room. Another group uses it in the morning, another group uses it in the afternoon and we use it in the evening. 

These problems hasn’t yet solved at this very moment. Yet, the Commission on Higher Education is planning to add another level in the Tertiary level in the Philippine Educational System. Former problems still recurs and yet, they believe by adding the fifth level would solve the problem. I don’t think this is the right solution to the problem. 

I would like to note that by adding the fifth level would only lead to the following situations.

First, additional classroom will be need of which we are already in shortage.

Second, additional teacher will be needed and again we are already in shortage.

Third, this could cost families a fortune; well fewer families can afford college education much more if one level will be added?

Fourth, where can the government milk its budget, when our government is already submerged with debts?

Fifth, is the quality of education assured or guaranteed?

It is very fine with me if the Philippines are just trying to meet the International Standard. There is no wrong with that because that would mean and edge or advantage but first let us solve those problems first that keeps on recurring because the government cannot create an enduring solution. Let’s not solve a problem by creating more and another problem.


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I've written an article about this one too. I've noticed that some of kids nowadays are not that smart and there is a big decrease in student population on some schools in our area today. Maybe because of the lack of financial support to get into a good school.

Also, the best teachers are no longer working here instead some of them are working abroad to get higher salaries. Too bad some of them are not working as teachers but as domestic helpers.

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