Monday, November 14, 2011

I Never Doubt Manny Pacquiao's Winning Over Marquez

Seeing this picture in your Facebook account wouldn't this distract you? I was! and it made me write this article. This photo excites me and even made me ask, who will be the next? While each fighter one by one is falling in Pacquiao's fists, will it be the full of hot air --- Mayweather? 

At present its no longer a surprise for everyone of us to hear and see over the television the Pacquiao's winning streak in the sports arena of boxing. Not until last Sunday November 12, 2011 in his fight against his third time opponent Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico. What I have noticed is that after in every fight of which now three times in total, I never heard Marquez accepted his losing. All I hear of Marquez after each boxing fight with Pacquiao is his statement that he actually won the fight. 

Have I doubted Pacquiao's last winning over Juan Manuel Marquez?

Disappointed yes, but to doubt his winning never occured to me while watching the fight last Sunday over the television. I was disappointed that Pacquiao was not able to knock Marquez down. If you watched and doubted Pacquiao's winning thats fine with me, but I don't! because what I saw and what is more obvious is the rattling Marquez last Sunday. I saw all of their fights and each fight made me noticed Marquez changes in his tactics. Not to mention the dirty ones that are scattered in facebook and youtube. Well here are video I found on the web. 

I don't see anything bad about feeling doubtful. I noticed that in twitter, a lot people expressed their concern over Marquez when he lost the fight. But, what is bad about it is when we doubt our own kababayan. In the first place he didn't declare himself the winner. It was a shame for Marquez to claim as the winner when he is not the one who is declared the winner. A loser has always something to say. Ang sabi ni Angelina sa Bubble Gang, "Marquez is such a loser!" 

A true fighter, will not resort into dirty tactics when he knew himself is prepared and is ready for the fight. Well, if Pacquiao's former opponent Morales would have done this I might get surprised. But seeing this from Marquez do not surprised me at all. He have done this many times already in his last fights with Pacquiao. He admitted it that Pacquiao is very fast. Realizing this made him develop a tactic that will make Manny slow and that is by stepping Pacqiao's foot during the fight. An ordinary watcher of the fight, especially when you are inside the arena will not and cannot noticed this. Well, I've been to boxing fights many times. What people see during the fight is the higher part of the player. People are all focused of who's jabs are landing with whom. I don't blame the audience because I admit thats the exciting part of the sport. Seeing each move and every scene when a boxer is hit badly.

This is the reason why there are what we call "judges" who are holding the score cards of the fighters. I myself don't know how to score a boxing fight but what I knew is that when you are chosen as one of the judges, you can be considered "experts." Experts as they are though they are not perfect, they have the last say of who really wins the fight. If you don't trust the judges why have them? If you can do better, why not be the judge?

Who will be the next?

Well, it could have been better if Mayweather will stop uttering degrading words for Pacquiao. If he is brave enough and confident enough, there is no need for him to accused Pacquiao of things he can't prove. I believe what he is doing is just a way of evading the truth that he is afraid of Pacquiao. We are familiar of a Filipino line "Kung gugustuhin maraming paraan, Kung hindi maraming dahilan." Now, Mayweather if you are man enough go with it. After all if its really you who will win---it will only prove us only one thing. You are the Super boxer!

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