Monday, November 14, 2011

The Philippine Nation: Can We Trust Former President Gloria Arroyo?

                               "Trust is something that is earned. It is not given nor asked"

Lately, pictures of the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo spurred and flooding across social networking platforms like Facebook, youtube and twitter depicting the former President of the Republic of the Philippines as a movie cartoon character "Transformer" and cartoon hero "Naruto" Now let us examine why this happened?

Apparently, these photos was taken and was publicized with the intension of convincing the public how sorry is her condition while suffering a disease called hypoparathyroidism, which she was diagnosed from St. Lukes Medical Center on August 2011. As a product of the Filipino playful minds---"creativity" these photos became the source of laugh and mock over the internet. I would like to interpret these as the public reciprocal action towards her planned exit of the country.

It became a public concern when the former Philippine President seek a travel authority for her treatment abroad citing an either valid reason nor a valid alibi that there are no experts on the disease in the country. I was wondering why a big fish like her with a big cases filed against her will be allowed to go out from the country?

Last May 2011, I was bound to visit St. Petersburg and was denied by the immigration because of one reason. I don't have an English translation of the invitation letter sent from the office of the Finnish Embassy in St. Petersburg. Wow! for that single document, I lost my tickets and the chance of visiting St. Petersburg that could be amounted into P156,000.00 in total.

But Gloria with a lot of cases pending in the Department of Justice involving billions of cash and the election fraud that remains unsolved up to this very moment will be given the freedom to travel abroad---where is the spirit of equality? 

After all the lies, the greed and all the frauds that she have done to the nation, can we afford to trust her still?

Well, after the "Im Sorry" and the "I will not run for President in 2004 Election" can we still believe her words? Do you think we can still have her word of honor? Does she have a word of honor? Where in the first place she doesn't have consistency!

Madam former President, Can we trust you?

My professor in college told me, "Don't trust people, especially those who said, "Trust Me."

Photos in this article are credited to their respected owners.

I found a video of Ms. Juana Change that is trying to convey a message that I am trying to emulate :)


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Madam former President, Can we trust you? heheh a question

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